Full video of Taylor rehearsing Love Story for iHeartRadio Music Festival - will re-upload somewhere if it gets taken down.


i think we all have that one piece of media we like that’s basically “i love this thing, but i dont think everyone should watch this thing and would not categorically recommend it to other people i know, this thing has a lot of problems and i am the first person you should ask if you want to know a long list of criticisms, but i REALLY ENJOY THIS THING” its like holding up a can of trash to everyone else and saying ”you are a reasonable person and you would not enjoy touching this garbage and i value that about you” and then pouring it out on the ground and rolling around in it yourself

Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.

                                                                                               Crossed out.

            Clumsy hands in a dark room. Crossed out. There is something

underneath the floorboards.

                   Crossed out. And here is the tabernacle


Here is the part where everyone was happy all the time and we were all


even though we didn’t deserve it. -(x)

-I got this one covered. Look, don’t get me wrong. It’s a real pleasure meetin’ you fellas. But I’ve been on this thing over a year. I killed a fang back in Austin, tracked the nest all the way up here. I’ll finish it.
-We could help.
-Thanks, but uh, I’m kind of a go-it-alone type of guy.